Month: Oktober 2013

That was absurd

Today I had one these bizarre meta-moments were you look on what is happening closely around you and you realize how absurd all that is. I am still shaking my head in disbelief. I was called by a company doing market research and consumer studies. They had my number because I took part several years […]

Ireland! Day Three!

Oh it’s posts galore today! We got to Ireland through Amsterdam, looked at Derry by day and by night, and now for the next day! Lovely day, isn’t it? We started our day with rain and grey skies. But what to expect when you go to the country of the big rain. So what we […]

Ireland! Black! and white, too!

Still the first real day in Derry. After dinner we went out for some night action. I pulled the large lever on my camera into the black and white setting and cranked the ISO up to several thousand units. Like a boss. One of the many flags in the bogside. The Derry Peace Bridge. Meant […]

Ireland! Day One! Amsterdam!

We went to Ireland. We just felt like getting too much sun in Berlin. We needed to act fast. So we booked flights to visit our acquaintance Valentina in Derry/Londonderry. But as most of you, unknown readers of this site, know, every trip you’ll ever do has to begin in Amsterdam. Cops and wooden shoes. […]