Month: Dezember 2013

Aporkalypse: My Christmas Menu Walkthrough!

This Christmas was a calm one. On christmas eve, the main event day in Germany, we did nothing fancy. We had some good dinner with nice bread and stuff and then watched cat videos. The next day however I invited my parents to come and have dinner with us. Uuuhh scary parents around. Luckily mine […]

Dumplings in Berlin

Before I let you participate in the documentation of the feast we had for Christmas, I wanted to tell you about my favourite place in Berlin to have dumply dumplings. The road leading there was a long and winding one. The first great dumplings we had were in London – where else? – at Ping […]

The Taste (of german television shit)

Ich habe einen Fehler gemacht. Ich bin sehenden Auges in mein Verderben gerannt. Ich hätte es wissen können, ja wissen müssen. Ich habe das ungute Gefühl im Bauch ignoriert, habe nicht auf die schmerzenden Augen von Beginn an gehört. Ich habe mir das Finale von “The Taste” angesehen. So halb. Am Stück und komplett habe […]

Some cheap EU bashing

Today I stumbled across this link, explaining the new plans for the Italian tax regulations. If a company wants to market stuff in Italy and uses ads and commercials for it, the company has to have a dependence in Italy where it pays taxes. The idea is simple: you want to sell stuff here, you […]

I just love LaTex

My diploma thesis was done in a single sided layout. Just before printing I realized that it would be nice, to make it two sided. I thought about all the problems it would cause to transfer it in the last step, page numbers would go crazy, margins would be different, figures would bounce around the […]

Ireland! Day Twelve! Flower Power in Belfast!

After ten days in Derry we kind of had the feeling that we did everything that was accessible to us without a bike or car. We did some stuff even several times already (Castlerock!). And when we first went to Belfast, the weather was shitty and the city was just too big to be conquered […]

Ireland! Day Eleven! Not much!

This is a short one. The night before we had our farewell dinner with our host at nice grill box restaurant that served really good Irish steak. The next day we went to see Coleraine together with Valentina, as it is easy to get there by bus or train from Derry. We strolled around and […]

Just people being GIF’ed

I am a daredevil, putting these online. There was a party. It was a great party. I had a camera with a very sensitive burst shutter. GIF TIME! The animation fits good to Beastie Boy’s “Girls”. Also contentwise.

Cats tweeting.

My cats tweet. YOU HAVE SEEN NOTHING. MOVE ALONG! — Lilu & Loki (@LiluLoki) December 10, 2013 Max’s cat tweets. derp — CAT (@purrcrastinate) September 23, 2013 Does you cat tweet?