Month: Dezember 2013

Spontane Chill-Session bei Löscheinsatz

In Berlin hat eine Cannabis-Plantage in einer Wohnung gebrannt. Relativ unspektakulär, falsch verkabelt, Schmorbrand, Feuerwehreinsatz. Niemand verletzt und Haus steht noch. Die Nachbarn werden noch lange mit dem Raucharoma in ihren Wohnungen zu kämpfen haben und ob die paar Kilo verbrannter Marihuana-Pflanzen das besser machen, weiß ich nicht. Ich stelle mir das ganze aber doch […]

Ireland! Day Ten! The Shire!

After having seen the sea for several times we wanted to some of the green forests that were promised by the guides. We took the bus down to Strabane and from the the rambler tour bus to Gortin Glenn Forest Park, a wildlife preservation park that features several paths to have a casual walk.

Ireland! Day Nine! The Town of the Whiskey!

After the exhausting pedaling the day before we decided to do something quiet, slow and indoors. So we headed to Bushmills, the place where the famous distillery is located. They had a lot of these Potemkin facades with painted on shops and stuff. I read that the government put these up during the G8 summit […]

Ireland! Day Eight! Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle Race!

We soon realised, that  we won’t get to the good places on foot or by just relying on public transport. I stumbled across a website on the interwebs promising a bike tour for “Derry Day Trippers”. It sounded just right for us, inexperienced tourists, a simple day tour on bikes to see Ireland’s most northern […]

The only recipe you’ll ever need.

Dear Sir/Adam, it came to my knowledge that you were in need of special information concerning the creation of what is known as cake icing with the help of the tears of lemons. To achieve this noble quest Thou shalt do the following, in this precise order. Any and all disturbance during the process will […]

Apricot Couronne

  I recently became a big fan of the show “The Great British Bake Off” where a bunch of contestants is baking to win the prize of best baker of the year. The show is drama-free, relaxed and makes you wanting to bake so so much. One of the hosts is Paul Hollywood whose recipe […]

Ireland! Day One! Amsterdam!

We went to Ireland. We just felt like getting too much sun in Berlin. We needed to act fast. So we booked flights to visit our acquaintance Valentina in Derry/Londonderry. But as most of you, unknown readers of this site, know, every trip you’ll ever do has to begin in Amsterdam. Cops and wooden shoes. Amsterdam!

The bible is so much fun. not.

Just read the chapter in THE HOLY BIBLE about King Joram of Israel and his fight against king Moab of somewhere else. Joram is forcing Moab to give him thousands of sheep and wool every year. For not breaking their faces. At one point, Moab says “Screw Joram, I’ll keep my sheep!” and Joram says “Screw […]