Month: August 2014


Tegan, Doro and I — and by law of shared bed also Andy — swore a blood oath to live veggie for a month over a mouthful of delicious burger meat at Schiller Burger in Neukölln. And as our kitchen will be demolished as of this afternoon only to be rebuilt next weekend we took the […]

Berlin, Potsdam and back again

We made scones. I bought a graphic novel. We went to Potsdam and back again. I smiled at a lot of babies. I frowned at Neukölners. I engulfed a burger referencing Schiller’s work. I met new people. I liked it. Neukölln is weird place.


We can’t really use our kitchen due to some water leakage that needs repair. This does not stop us from baking scones. There is always a way to bake scones.

How to have a good day.

Every now and then you get this idea. An idea that you would not follow under any other circumstance. But for reasons you might never understand you still keep the idea and actually treat like it was a good one, an idea that will result in fun and a good time for you and your […]