Month: November 2014

Let’s fly through space (and time)

So Interstellar is a thing. A movie thing. It’s made by the Nolan brothers (Joseph and Olaf) and it features Matthew McConnaeigheiy who is lovingly called “Shin-Face” by his fans. It is now in the theatres and on piratebay. I went to watch in one of those (not piratebays). 

Werewolves not Swearwolves

I watched yesterday “What we do in the shadows”, a documentary on the live of vampires in Wellington, NZ. It is great. I was literally laughing at the first scene and it did not stop being funny. Viago, Vladislav and Deacon are a German dandy, a Romanian torturer and a Nazivampire who are all vampires […]

LOL – Lots of Links #1

Last time I counted there were over 5 sites on the internet and every day about one new is emerging. Who will ever be able to keep track of them? Me, that’s who. Look at all the links I accumulated over the last days.

That was the Kikk festival 2014

On Wednesday night we fled the German mayhem to go to the Kikk festival in Namur, Belgium. After a comfortable flight with Air Brussels we landed in Brussels, where the main station was on fire. As a result we took a wild mix of trains to get to Namur before the train service stopped. A […]

Taking oldies for a walk: Mamiya RB67 Pro

Over the years I accumulated cameras. I now have somewhere between one and two dozen different cameras in my shelves. Recently some gear went on ebay, but the camera count did not really drop. My rule is to not keep cameras just for decoration. They must be functional, and they have to be used. All […]

Kikk’in it Off.

From tomorrow on Doro and I will be in Namur, Belgium to visit the KIKK festival of art and video and stuff. By doing so we will luckily avoid the strike marathon that is happening in Germany during that time. If I find the time I will blog semi-live from the festival, and you can […]