Joram Macht Bier (Podcast Folge 002)

It took a while. With great ambitions did I start my (German) podcast “Joram Macht Sachen” and published two self-referential episodes in a short amount of time.

Then I went silent.

Well, not quite. While I gathered ideas on what to make next, I tried a more conversational and less produced podcast format that, well, kinda worked. For different reasons it is currently in a sort of hibernation state from which it will or maybe won’t wake up.

A bit sulky I turned back to my original project. Me, Joram, Making Things. What have I never done? Beer. Who has a beer making kit? Not me. But Simon got one, and while his shoe box kitchen serves for all daily needs, it lacks the capacity to make beer. Enter my kitchen world, with several ovens, space and many pots (not enough as it turns out, but hey, who uses more than two huge pots?)

A date was soon found and Simon joined Doro and me to make beer. To make things more interesting, I forced them to wear headphones hooked to a variety of recording devices and talk during the whole process. Podcasting.

All photos are taken by Simon.

The process is complicated and simple at the same time. Each step only requires something simple, like holding a specific temperature, filtering the grains or adding the yeast. However, manipulating a 4 liter volume from pot to pot proved to be more challenging than expected. We managed, though. The optimistic writing on the box “All included, you just need a funnel and some honey” seemed a little to simple to be true.

The result is a gallon of beer fermenting for two weeks, then ripening for two more weeks after bottling. I can’t wait to try it.

Until then, you can listen to the German tale of how we made this gallon of beer.


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