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When friends invite you to their wedding party, you don’t say no. Especially not when it is on Madeira. What better reason is there to go than to finish a week of holidays with a splendid festival of two of your friends’ love. And it gets even better if you don’t go alone but bring […]

Ireland! Day Twelve! Flower Power in Belfast!

After ten days in Derry we kind of had the feeling that we did everything that was accessible to us without a bike or car. We did some stuff even several times already (Castlerock!). And when we first went to Belfast, the weather was shitty and the city was just too big to be conquered […]

Ireland! Day Eleven! Not much!

This is a short one. The night before we had our farewell dinner with our host at nice grill box restaurant that served really good Irish steak. The next day we went to see Coleraine together with Valentina, as it is easy to get there by bus or train from Derry. We strolled around and […]

Ireland! Day One! Amsterdam!

We went to Ireland. We just felt like getting too much sun in Berlin. We needed to act fast. So we booked flights to visit our acquaintance Valentina in Derry/Londonderry. But as most of you, unknown readers of this site, know, every trip you’ll ever do has to begin in Amsterdam. Cops and wooden shoes. […]

Copenhavn finalen

Where we left off: Katja was a kind host and unfortunately for us left for personal holidays. Who can blame her after all the exams and the tourist guiding through the city. So she left on sunday morning which I hardly remember as I already developed a nice and cozy fever. My memories of that […]

Copenhavn dag ét og to

2 weeks ago Dorothée and I went to visit my friend Katja in Copenhagen for the weekend. It was the first really warm weekend in Berlin and we left for the city we got to know as icy cold two years ago, when we went there in february. This is a rather hairless me and […]