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Ireland! Day Eight! Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle Race!

We soon realised, that  we won’t get to the good places on foot or by just relying on public transport. I stumbled across a website on the interwebs promising a bike tour for “Derry Day Trippers”. It sounded just right for us, inexperienced tourists, a simple day tour on bikes to see Ireland’s most northern […]

Copenhavn dag tre

Day three of our infamous weekend trip to the danish capital! We recall: Doro and I flew to Copenhagen to meet Katja to look at a number of buildings conveniently placed together to house a mass of people that live together and proclaim their settlement as a capital of a land mass limited by invisible […]

taking oldies for a walk: Canonet Ql19

Instead of building a PC/Hackintosh my plans for the weekend were to start a new little project for my own pleasure. I (together with my girlfriend) own too many cameras. I got about one for each system, starting from a Holga over (D)SLRs to giant mid format cameras. And I mostly use my Leica M4 […]