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The Big Meh.

Street musicians. Internet Artists. City Events. All of that only evokes a “meh” from me.  We spent Friday and Saturday in Hamburg and today, on Sunday, Doro and I went to the Mauerpark after our voting duty. It was there when I realized that I am tired of so many things.

The Taste (of german television shit)

Ich habe einen Fehler gemacht. Ich bin sehenden Auges in mein Verderben gerannt. Ich hätte es wissen können, ja wissen müssen. Ich habe das ungute Gefühl im Bauch ignoriert, habe nicht auf die schmerzenden Augen von Beginn an gehört. Ich habe mir das Finale von “The Taste” angesehen. So halb. Am Stück und komplett habe […]

Some cheap EU bashing

Today I stumbled across this link, explaining the new plans for the Italian tax regulations. If a company wants to market stuff in Italy and uses ads and commercials for it, the company has to have a dependence in Italy where it pays taxes. The idea is simple: you want to sell stuff here, you […]

That was absurd

Today I had one these bizarre meta-moments were you look on what is happening closely around you and you realize how absurd all that is. I am still shaking my head in disbelief. I was called by a company doing market research and consumer studies. They had my number because I took part several years […]