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I have been in Japan

Last year was a good year when it comes to travelling. Not only was I so lucky to see the amazing Iceland with Doro, thanks to her identity as an international woman of mystery she could bring me along to Japan as well. And so I left Europe for the first time ever on an international […]

Doram on Ice

Whoa it has been a long time. Welcome back, me. I brought something special to make up for the long silence. Photos from the most beautiful place I ever visited. Iceland.

Veni, Vidi, Venice

Every good American knows that Europe has three Cities: London, Paris and Venice. It is of utmost importance to visit every single one of them and only them. This is to be educated about the old world and to tell the family back home, how much culture there is.

Ireland! Day Eleven! Not much!

This is a short one. The night before we had our farewell dinner with our host at nice grill box restaurant that served really good Irish steak. The next day we went to see Coleraine together with Valentina, as it is easy to get there by bus or train from Derry. We strolled around and […]

Copenhavn dag tre

Day three of our infamous weekend trip to the danish capital! We recall: Doro and I flew to Copenhagen to meet Katja to look at a number of buildings conveniently placed together to house a mass of people that live together and proclaim their settlement as a capital of a land mass limited by invisible […]