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The bible is so much fun. not.

Just read the chapter in THE HOLY BIBLE about King Joram of Israel and his fight against king Moab of somewhere else. Joram is forcing Moab to give him thousands of sheep and wool every year. For not breaking their faces. At one point, Moab says “Screw Joram, I’ll keep my sheep!” and Joram says “Screw […]

The only recipe you’ll ever need.

Dear Sir/Adam, it came to my knowledge that you were in need of special information concerning the creation of what is known as cake icing with the help of the tears of lemons. To achieve this noble quest Thou shalt do the following, in this precise order. Any and all disturbance during the process will […]

Apricot couronne

I got quite obsessed with the show “Great British Bake off”. Not only is the British version the only one without stupid judges, stupid contestants and stupid drama, it makes you want to bake so so much. This is my take on the Apricot Couronne recipe by Paul Hollywood. And what should I say? It […]

Ireland! Day 7! There might be giants!

When we came back from Castlerock, I started to tell Doro about the sea. “Doro, did you see the sea?” “Yes, I saw the sea.” “Yeah, but did you see the sea?” “Yes.” *grumpy face. “But the sea! There was sea! Everywhere! Did you see it?” slaps my face After an hour or so of […]

Ireland! Day Six! Beaches, sand, dunes and sea!

After the excitingness and rain of Belfast we wanted to relax a bit. What is more relaxing than a walk on the beach? That’s right, nothing. We passed Castlerock already after our horrible horrific walk from bellarena to magilligan point and I desperately wanted to go back there. I said pretty please and could convince […]

Where you should go: Boros Collection.

Doro organized through their student association a visit to the famous Boros Collection. I was so lucky to be invited as well and on a grey Sunday early afternoon we went to the old bunker that is situated between friedrichstraße and oranienburger tor. On top of the grey mass of concrete the Boros couple built […]

That was absurd

Today I had one these bizarre meta-moments were you look on what is happening closely around you and you realize how absurd all that is. I am still shaking my head in disbelief. I was called by a company doing market research and consumer studies. They had my number because I took part several years […]