Inside the gated community called London

To relax before Christmas we had the great idea to spend a few days in London.

Before we left we both had a very busy month at work, with me presenting my project on Tuesday to an affiliation committee for the money and then on Thursday in Munich to a group of collaborating group leaders, on Friday night we flew back from Munich, on Saturday at noon we wanted to take the plane to London. 

Gated Community

London is a gated community.


LOL – Lots of Links #2

title image under CC license from flickr.

It is winter. Christmas came and went, barely touching me at all. I didn’t even put Christmas hats on the cats.

Let’s start with some Joe Cocker, who recently passed away. I can’t say that I was his biggest fan, but I surely liked him. I remember his great performance in the Beatles tribute movie „Across the Universe“. He will be missed.

Turning my back on the dark side

A while ago we decided to give up on all these dodgy possibilities to watch movies and series online and tried to actually use legal means to get our movie kicks.

A task more difficult than we anticipated.

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