My take at Bibimbap

We had some very good Korean food on Friday. On Saturday we had to give it a try ourselves. Sunday I have to tell you about it.

When you ignore websites like it is quite simple to find good recipes online. And so the keyword „bibimbap“ (an awesome word by the way) lead us to and the bibimbap recipe there. Luckily we had almost everything in our kitchen cupboards. The only missing thing was the key ingredient: Gochujang, a paste made of fermented chillies, rice and soybeans. We managed to find some in an Asian supermarket in Wedding, Atti Asia Markt. This one is owned by Koreans and not by the usual Chinese/Vietnamese staff and specialises on all those Korean goodies. Like a portion of fresh and extremely hot Kimchi that I got there.

So we found the gochujang paste there and headed back home. Thanks to my new GoPro I could capture a summary of the cooking show. Find it below.

We changed the recipe in some small details, but that is the idea of bibimbap. You take what you have and combine it with gochujang and sesame oil to a Korean feast of deliciousness. We swapped the spinach with crunchy salad and the mushrooms with broccoli. You could also change the meat to tofu or chicken and put in any vegetable you like. I like mixing in some kimchi in the end to get that extra spicy flavour.

We have so many leftover ingredients so guess what, today is bibimbap day three. Yum!

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OMG Broccoli is not supposed to come in bags THIS IS EVERTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE

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