In and around the fête de la musique

Simon lent me his Fuji X100 after I read so many pages about it. For some reason too many people take my opinion on cameras serious and so I ended up reading about all that stuff that is out there.

It began with the A7 from Sony, a full frame package in a tiny body. But an unjustified over the top pricing, especially for lenses, made me quickly turn away from it and look at the Fuji X100S. It looked super exciting and I remembered that Simon had a X100 for his own. A text message and a trip to Steglitz later I had it in my hands, ready to discover its features during the upcoming fête de la musique.

In the early afternoon we had Andy and Tegan coming over for brunch, although one sassy Australian girl pointed out that 2 pm is not even close to being between breakfast and lunch. Whatevs.



Tegan took great pride in abusing our cats. Not that they are not used to it.

We then went to see some bits of the fête de la musique, starting in Mauerpark but quickly fleeing the scene as they were just too many people and hipsters.

Next stop was the small concert of Alix, who played with some other flute players a set of 30 minutes, bravely enduring the appearing rain and the disappearing audience.






Why? Yes.



We parted ways at some point, after having had a nice Indian Dinner together. Alix went home, Tegan and Andy headed back to Potsdam and Doro and I got stuck in the S-Bahn on our way home. I used the chance to test out the low light abilities of the X100 and what can I say: It performed amazingly. Whatever light I threw at it, it focussed quickly and precisely and produced amazing colours. All photos here are straight out of the camera jpgs, no post processing necessary.

I love it so much that I will definitely get the X100S, despite its price. It is the best small system available at the moment. I love the Canon 5DII for all the large stuff where I need large resources. The X100(S) is amazing for every day photography, street, reportage, people, available light… <3

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