LOL – Lots of Links #2

title image under CC license from flickr.

It is winter. Christmas came and went, barely touching me at all. I didn’t even put Christmas hats on the cats.

Let’s start with some Joe Cocker, who recently passed away. I can’t say that I was his biggest fan, but I surely liked him. I remember his great performance in the Beatles tribute movie „Across the Universe“. He will be missed.

While the music is playing, have a look over here. It is a map of geotagged public tweets collected over a time span of 3 and a half years. Quite impressive to see where the most geotagging and tweeting happens. Germany is rather dark, probably due to the higher privacy concern here, where people blur out street view images but don’t care about massive data collection from the intelligence services.

Ever wondered about the bad quality of stuff on instagram, tumblr and the internet? Brian Feldman wrote an interesting article on the rise of the shitpic, badly put together atrocities, screen captures until they are barely legible and shared on social media.

Watched already all Twilight movies AND also the hungry gamers? Watch something more substantial, like „More than Honey“, a very well made documentary on the life of honey bees in industrial and traditional agriculture. Very interesting.

The 31st Chaos Computer Congress is happening right now in Hamburg. If you, like me, can’t be there, have a look at all those live streams here.

I close for today with a song about Walt’s favourite product.

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