#rp14: my favourite talks: Appelbaum and York on PGP

Two days after re:publica 14 I finally slept enough again and am now slowly recapitulating the events. Some guy on twitter accused the whole event of being self centred attention whoreism that is not influencing anything outside the event location. To counter this opinion I want to share now a few of my favourite experiences of #rp14

One of the first really amazing talks was the one by Jillian York and Jacob Appelbaum. They talked about the need of PGP, TOR and the like not only from a technical point of view but also as a tool set that helps societies fight mass surveillance. I liked the talk especially because Jacob and Jillian are skilled speakers and experienced presenters.

Jillian York works for EFF and as a journalist for free media. She wrote widely cited articles on the Arab spring revolutions and other pieces on free speech, free internet and general freedom of expression.

Jacob Appelbaum is known for his involvement in the wikileaks exposure around Julian Assange and works today amongst others for the TOR project. He emigrated from the US to Berlin as he is no longer welcome in the states due to his engagement for free speech and his actions against US american mass surveillance.

Below you find the talk recorded live during the conference. The team at re:publica did a great job at recording most of the talks on video and making them available for a wider audience. Also you can spot me from time in the video. See it as a egocentric Where’s Waldo from my part.

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