#rp14: nearly there

A few months ago Doro asked if I wanted to get some early bird tickets for the re:publica conference in Berlin. Transforming into a blogging hipster I said yes.

And here we are now, the re:publica or #rp14 starts tomorrow and happens until Thursday. Today Doro and I got our badges and bracelets and each a jute-Tasche filled with flyers and some cookies and I can’t wait for the action to begin. I am actually excited about an event and I nearly forgot my cynicism because of it.

So I am now preparing my conference backpack with chargers, stuff to write on, the dslr, maybe my tf101, my moto g, food, drinks, badges… I want to pack light but I also want to be some kind of live blogging hipster. We will see how this turns out.

Be prepared for some conference tales, see you on or after #rp14!

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