#rp14: Third day impressions

After a rather mediocre day on Wednesday the third and last day was really good again. We started with an okay talk about creative commons but then stumbled into this guy explaining how to use everything of a pig. Meat, bones, nose, intestines… you name it, they use it. I was amazed by the craftsmanship of this guy when cutting up the whole pig.

After this introduction we heard some more talks, most of which were really good. We learned about the badness of crowd sourcing, which is basically the wet dream of any liberal capitalist. We joined a discussion on the future of books and witnessed a piece of reality satire when a girl claimed to be a multimedia artist, started singing weirdly to a PowerPoint presentation and then showed a really really bad music clip of herself in front of a green screen. We thought it was done ironically, but she is either really dedicated to the joke or she is real, as she posted this bad content since 2008 and has a youtube channel full with bad music.

But now look at the few pictures, most of the time we sat in a darkened hall with headphones on, not so very photofriendly conditions.







2014-05-08 12.15.25

2014-05-08 17.23.17

and a lady wearing a snake schlong shirt.

2014-05-08 17.23.36


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