Streeeeetfooooood market

London has like three of them. At least. I heard the New York also features about one. And since a few months ago Berlin entered the illustrious round of major cities featuring a street food market. Tegan the vegan and Andy the dandy requested a visit of this infamous place and so I and Doro the Zorro (I’m trying to hard, really) fulfilled their wish like two little fairies.

We remembered the place to be overcrowded with tourists and hipsters and hipster tourists. We hoped the hype had faded off by now and were pleasantly surprised that when we arrived at about 6 pm the place still had place to walk AND stand. We kind of deliberately parted ways to find the bestest of the food. Doro and I first got a beef chili pie to fight the urgent hunger and be more relaxed while looking for the good stuff.


The pie was okay. A rather boring short crust pastry with a good filling, that did not overwhelm nor disappoint. A completely average pie. But it helped against the hunger.


Next up: a beef brisket bun with sauerkraut, cucumber and a mild barbecue sauce. Meaty and delicious.


Andy went for the pulled pork with apple, an equally good choice in my opinion.


And still space to move. Lovely.


We did not get the ramen but enjoyed the little show the chef put on by throwing, pulling and whacking his pasta around.


In the meantime Tegan went to get Akitokayabukopata or whatever (she will scream the right name right now, if you listen closely you might hear it). These are basically small balls of squid and dough and ginger that are put together in a very sophisticated way.


Tegan promised us a scrumptious delight. Unfortunately the balls were just okay, but not the culinary discovery we were promised. I liked them, still, even though I don’t fancy fish so much. I think Tegan was the most disappointed in the dish.


Watch for the dancing topping!

pie press

Another pie stand not only featured a fancy pie press but also delicious pies pressed by a pie press. Andy got one with Steak and Guinness.


A good choice.


So delicious that I couldn’t hold my camera still.


By that time the Markthalle IX got overrun like an Urban Outfitters in Mitte when the Hipsters leave their web design coworking spaces.

We wanted to close the evening with a piece of the amazing New York Cheesecake from 5 elephant. They had like a bazillion tons of cake when we entered the Markthalle and none when we left. At 7:20 pm all of the cake was gone.

We shook our fists for our while at the crowd and then left the place with hanging heads.

Just around the corner was a small café with ice cream. Doro went for the pistachio and I quickly shouted „and a scoop of lime-cucumber-basil!“ Although it might sound like one of my ideas it actually was on the menu.


And what can I say? It was weirdly well tasting. Andy tried it and looked like a child trying grapefruit for the first time. I enjoyed it. The pistachio was better, though.

We then roamed around the area a bit more, fuddled around with some comic books in a comic book store and then waved good bye in Alexander Platz.

Conclusion: The Thursday Street Food market offers a wide variety of delicious food. But with all these people that push in the Markthalle IX it is really hard to enjoy all the goodness.

As the old saying goes: „People, what a bunch of bastards.“

4 Antworten auf „Streeeeetfooooood market“

Is the ‚I enjoyed it‘ for Andy’s face, or for the Eis? Also, now I feel that I can’t write anything because yours was already with the wit. I will just have a post with a link to ohyouhere.

Please do not feel inhibited to post something on your blog, I’m curious to see your photos and I also like your wittyness. Don’t give me a bad conscience.

Also for the personal message: Oh hello Joram I am so very proud of you for writing such a nice blog and also that you are turning into such a nice young man full of responsibility and pie. Your mother and I are very proud that we did not leave you outside the prom.

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