Stuff from my memory(card)

Just a bunch of random photos from the last weeks.

Once in a while I put my camera’s memory card into the computer to see what happened to accumulate on there.

As none of the things is near complete or interesting on its own, I just cram everything in here. Consider this an instagram post.


Last Friday morning was marked by heavy fog in and around Berlin. Lovely, I basically smiled the whole way to work. Reminds so much of Ireland.


“I need this.”


“And this.”


Korean tapas at a place serving Korean tapas. “Transit” was the name I think. Great to try so many different things, although some could have packed a bit more heat.


Valentine’s Day Spare Ribs at Escados Steak House. A weird place because the interior decoration is straight from the nineties, mimicking a Spanish (?) rustic place, with lots of paper stones and fake wood. The meat is really good there, the sides are okay, I guess most people like their coleslaw with lots of mayonnaise. I don’t.

More interesting post featuring a printing microcontroller and a trip to the Baltic Sea will follow when I feel like it.