Where you should go: Boros Collection.

Doro organized through their student association a visit to the famous Boros Collection. I was so lucky to be invited as well and on a grey Sunday early afternoon we went to the old bunker that is situated between friedrichstraße and oranienburger tor. On top of the grey mass of concrete the Boros couple built their huge loft. The 5 floors under that loft are filled with contemporary art from the last 23 years. 

The tour is 10 EUR (6 for students) and you get welcomed with a glass of water and a brief overview on the history of the place by a nice tour guide. Ours was a young student who was involved quite a lot in the setup of the place.

We learned about the history of the bunker, it served as a air protection bunker during the second world war and was then used for prisoners of war by the russians and then by the GDR as a cool and dry storage for fruit, veggies and fabric. They could not destroy this bunker as they did with most of the others because of its unique location in between a lot of other buildings that probably would not survive if the bunker with its 1.5 m thick concrete walls would have been blown up. So it stayed. After reunification it was used as a techno club with “the hardest sex and fetish club of the time” just above. Some of the darkroom’s paint is still visible in the building.

We then started with the tour. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos. So you have to trust my descriptions. I will keep them short as you should go there yourself and see it with your own eyes.

The art consisted of a bit of photography, some painting but mostly installation art. Our guide gave us valuable input on interpretations, intentions and overall understanding of the artwork. Even without having any background knowledge I could really enjoy the installations just because of the good explanations. The tour takes about 1.5 hrs, which is quite a rush for approximately 100 different pieces of art on 3000 square meters. But you can ask questions any time, and it gives you a good reason to come back and discover different aspects of the works.

So go there. You have to book in advance over the website, small groups have to wait about 4 weeks, larger groups a bit more to find an empty slot. The tours are held in german or english.

You should go there.

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