My favourite gif of all time

this is my favourtite gif of all times.

Cats tweeting.

My cats tweet.

Max’s cat tweets.

Does you cat tweet?

The day we had a cat

For the past three or four weeks we sent many mails, had a lot of phone calls and discussions all about one topic: a friend’s sister has a cat and needs to give her away due to work reasons. The cat already lived for a year at her parent’s place and now it needed a new home. Our friends asked us, as we mentioned that we liked having a cat and catsat our friend’s cats already for some weeks. I was sceptical at first but was soon convinced.

The cat was brought to us last Friday by the parents of our friend, along with various cat stuff (scratching posts and so on).

The cat quickly settled in and on Saturday it came to sit on our laps for long times as if it never knew anything else.

On Sunday morning at 7 am we got a phone call. The mother of our friend wanted the cat back. She added that the cat “will never be ours as it is theirs”. She could not stand the thought to give it away. After 4 weeks of discussion she suddenly realized, that her idea of giving the cat to a new home was not what she wanted now. So we had to disassemble everything and get the cat ready in half an hour. They came, grabbed the stuff and off they went, leaving us dazzled and perplexed. For the past weeks we spoke about every detail and were looking forward to keep the cat. Not a single word was spoken beforehand about any doubts.

Our Sunday was fucked up now. Up at 7 am, nearly no sleep, cat gone, girlfriend in tears, rain and heavy wind outside.

just great.

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