Re:cap of re:publica 2015

Three intensive days are over. From Tuesday till today I saw about 20 talks live, talked to different people and generally had my mind around things completely different from my regular plant stuff. 

My take at Bibimbap

We had some very good Korean food on Friday. On Saturday we had to give it a try ourselves. Sunday I have to tell you about it.

#rp14: my favourite talks: F. A. Schmidt on Crowdsourcing Design

So this is actually the talk I wanted to present first, but it was only uploaded today to the internet tubes.

In this talk, Florian Alexander Schmidt is talking on crowdsourcing design. He is a design researcher from Berlin in the process of getting his PhD in London at the Royal College of Art and author of several books on design theory. At re:publica 14 he presented the concept of crowdsourcing for design and the design of crowdsourcing platforms.

#rp14: my favourite talks: Appelbaum and York on PGP

Two days after re:publica 14 I finally slept enough again and am now slowly recapitulating the events. Some guy on twitter accused the whole event of being self centred attention whoreism that is not influencing anything outside the event location. To counter this opinion I want to share now a few of my favourite experiences of #rp14

Watch for the day: The Furze-Colin.

What happens when you strap a jet engine to a bike frame? How can you eat cake faster? How to cut time when taking the christmas decorations off the tree?

Colin Furze knows how. He uses his engineering skills, his safety tie and a lot of craziness to solve these everyday problems, he films himself doing it and puts the bits on the internet. All while defying every single safety rule you ever heard of. Hearing protection? Nope. A helmet? Why, he has a safety tie. Playing with fire? Of course!

This guy is crazy and awesome.

Have a look at his jet engine bike, then look at the rest of his channel.

Party for your right to fight! (get back in the cab!)

Fight For Your Right – Revisited from Martuns on Vimeo.

I just feel like it today. Also the first intro beat (make some noise) is one the fattest that ever tickled my eardrums.

Drummer in the wild.

Fun with acoustics of a drum set in the wild. They claim that no digital effects were used, just plain on set recording. Pretty impressive and nicely put on tape.

via kfmw.

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