The best day of this summer (probably)

Winter is coming.

That’s the best occasion to review one of the best days I had this summer. 

Berlin is like the best city ever. Apart from one thing: there is no sea nearby. There are lots of Seen nearby, though, but as Berlin has lots of people, most of the Seen are overcrowded. If you fancy enraged fights between runners, dog walkers, hikers, swimmers and fishers, you should spend a weekend at Schlachtensee and enjoy the carnage ensuing there.

Pretty far in this summer we craved some water to cool ourselves down to a bearable temperature. Our friend Julia joined in and even provided the ride to our destination. To avoid the masses we spent an hour driving North to the lake Stechlinsee. Greeted by hundreds of cars in the overfilled parking lots, we feared for the worst, but were happily surprised that the shores of the lake were hardly occupied. Apart from the naked swimmers of course that are mandatory at any lake in Brandenburg at any time of the year.


We then spent an amazing day at the lake. We had clear blue water, very pleasant temperatures of water and air, no annoying crowds around us, a picknick in the evening sun and fishys.





And finally I had a good reason to use my GoPro. I got it a while ago for my birthday due to my gear acquisition syndrome, thinking that if I only had an action camera I would do all of the action. I didn’t. Until this summer.

But please don’t go all now to Stechlinsee. Unless you take me with you.


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