The Big Meh.

Street musicians. Internet Artists. City Events. All of that only evokes a „meh“ from me. 

We spent Friday and Saturday in Hamburg and today, on Sunday, Doro and I went to the Mauerpark after our voting duty. It was there when I realized that I am tired of so many things.

We went to the flea market there and strolled through the park. We saw a lot of screen printed things, jute bags, t shirts, towels, post cards, we saw photos, paintings, ear rings. All of them shared their missing originality. They were crafted mostly by talented hands that knew what they were doing, but none of them woke my interest in the slightest way. I have seen too many ironic quotes on Berlin, or life, or music, to still be entertained by another „Der frühe Vogel kann mich mal.“ I feel like I have seen all of the HDR photos of Berlin scenes already. And no, Lego bricks, Barbie accessories or empty film containers as earrings are not as funny and dorky as you imagine.

You could argue that this might be a specific problem to tourist targeting flea markets everywhere, they don’t sell what is original, but what sells well. But it does not stop there. The park is crowded with musicians. Girls with guitars, boys with drum kits, a guy doing techno with a didgeridoo. Been there, seen that. A hundred times. I am so tired of it. A guy even had a robot that he could control to let it dance to music. I thought of the robot band compressorhead, that not only moves to music, but plays it. And I surely won’t miss the millionth cover of a Jack Johnson song brought to you by the long haired surfer dude with a guitar.

At home it continues. I browse the web and think „Seen that. That other guy did it better. This is so 2005“. And I don’t like it. I consume so much, whenever someone shows me the latest funny video I have already seen it. I am bored by most of the big mainstream media, be it music, movies or written articles. And it is my own fault, I got hooked on web media, on the permanent connection to the creativity of the masses in a way that I can’t appreciate the just mediocre creativity of my surroundings any more. Surely it takes some skill to play a violin really fast in a park, but I have seen so many skilled people that this one more just bores me.

I don’t know what to make of that yet. I haven’t made up my mind so far if it is important to cherish the mediocre or if it is okay to search constantly for the new and amazing and never seen before. I only know that the Mauerpark bores me to Death.

PS: One little thing I (re)discovered today — I knew it from the internet before, go figure — is the pokket mixer, a passive DJing device, that let’s you mix the audio from headphone audio sources like iPods and mobile phones and sends the signal to a stereo system. The mixer itself is small and does not require batteries. I love the gadget character of this thing, but it is nothing for me, as I have no talent for mixing music nor do I enjoy crowds dancing to music. But if you are more music social than me, have a look at them. 

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