the stuff that’s going on.

I had such great plans. They were crushed one after the other with more or less effect.

The biggest thing was my university restating their statement of „you have all of the points“ to „actually nah, you’re still missing some“. For a week I ran around like a depressed headless chicken before finding a way to get those points.

Then I wanted to start some arduino stuff involving printers and such but I forgot to order the appropriate connection thingy to plug the board into my PC. I went to a store to buy one with just about 40 degrees fever.

Which leads to my constant state: I’m having a strong fever for about two days now. Yesterday I basically couldn’t leave the bed. I still did, to run to my university for the application for my missing points, but in hindsight this wasn’t a good idea, even while drugged with a gram of paracetamol.

So here I’m sitting, having a list of stuff I need to and want to do and all I can think of is „cough cough“, „sneeze“ and „my brain hurts“.

Even this little entry here made my brain hurt. I stop now.

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