My favourite gif of all time

this is my favourtite gif of all times.

A calvin and hobbes gif

Golm at night

Yesterday night in Golm. I just loved the atmosphere there. Reminded me just a tiny little bit of one day in Ireland. I will come to this in a later post.

Apricot couronne

I got quite obsessed with the show “Great British Bake off”. Not only is the British version the only one without stupid judges, stupid contestants and stupid drama, it makes you want to bake so so much.

This is my take on the Apricot Couronne recipe by Paul Hollywood. And what should I say? It tastes so so good.

It is a sweet enriched yeast dough, filled with dried apricots, walnuts and raisins, with a glazing of apricot jam, powdered sugar and almond flakes. The whole thing is twisted to give several layers alternating with dough and filling. The bottom gets crispy, the center juicy and the top is nice and sweet with the glazing.

I stop now and get myself another piece.

Random Berlin pictures

Berlin, 2013

strolling around Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg with the guy from down under.

Tiny cats

These are the cats. Lilu and Loki. The black and white beautifully underlines the red color of Loki.

Mamiya 67 pro
Kodak TriX 400
Ilfotec LC29 1+19

What I look like right now as I discover tumblr.

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