Washed ashore in Warnemünde

Last February, when I was still unemployed and lazy and even more unshaven, we read on the weather forecast about nice weather, that had been foreseen for the next day. So we booked a train to and a bus back from Warnemünde, Baltic Sea, for this very day and off we went in the morning.



We took the interconnex, an alternative to the Deutsche Bahn with many benefits, mainly about half the price and a billion times more on time. It took us some three hours to arrive in Warnemünde.


We don’t know the happy couple, but it’s nice that they are happy for hugging each other.


The good weather was not so good, but last time we went to Ireland, so we have new standards of enjoyable weather now. Arriving in the middle of the week the town was rather empty. We followed the quayside towards the beach, making a quick stop to get some fish and chips and a bread roll filled with some fishy thing (that Doro wanted. I only like my fish battered and fried and then battered and fried again).






The beach! I imagined something as glorious as Castlerock, but was diappointed. Sure, there was sand, but only about three dunes and large hotel buildings directly on the shore. Also people.



This battly ship was about to do some battle related things. Or maybe just cruising around the area, pretending to defend Germany from all those evil Russians.



They really managed to preserve the beauty of the place by their choice of buildings.







Sequenz 01

Sequenz 01_1

But to be fair there was some water splashing going on and there were waves and sea. It looked like a mild and tame version of the Atlantic Ocean I enjoyed in Ireland, the Baltic Sea is in the end just a big puddle between Scandinavia, Germany and the Baltic states filled with heavy metals and fish. I did enjoy the calm nonetheless, especially when we left behind some of the child/dog walking people that had their noisy pets with them.


We then headed back into the town to get something hot to drink and to see if we find something to do there, like shopping or discovering things. But the only thing we discovered with the setup of miniature men. Most of the places were closed (it was about 5.30 pm) and no restaurant or café looked inviting enough to convince us to stay there.


In the end we found a nice little café next to an Edeka, so we first had coffee and tea and then delicious chocolate and nut cookies from Edeka. We then headed back to the bus stop and rode home rather comfortably for another three hours.

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