What I’ve been up to


I changed ISP. And by change I mean “being caught in a fuckup where the first ISP switched everything off and the second struggles to get a technician to my place.” The usual.

I am currently leeching my neighbour’s wifi (with permission) and using a UMTS stick connected to my router that gives me the smooth connection of a Nokia 3310 in the North Korean country side.

Any-WAYS. I recently saw and heard Cameron Carpenter bashing his organ in front of a crowd and an orchestra which was mildly amusing. Avant-garde orchestral organ music is maybe not my thang. Which I could have guessed from my spotify library that mostly consists of minimal house and the White Stripes.

My kitchen is functional again – apart from the hot water tap that still does not work – and I cooked things in there. Like this lovely plate of hummus, falafel, tabbouleh, haloumi, salad and pita bread. Why spend 6 EUR at your favourite falafel-man when you can spend three hours in the kitchen and then clean up a dirty deep fryer?

falafelYum. Second try for ye olde ‘lafel and this time they did not fall apart in the hot oil. I cheated with some egg in the mix, but hey, without cheating I would not be where I am.

As I am only halfway online I resort to my offline occupations: yelling at cats and staring at walls. If you feel bored during this lovely Sunday, do this: Mop your bathroom, then throw a cat toy in there and enjoy the glissando of a cat performance.

Yours truthfully,