Is there a Doctor around?

No. Not yet, at least.

After taking the proud decision last year to pursue a career in science, I thought happily „Well, that was easy.“ Little did I expect to hear, that there is a need for money that has to be spent on me so I can actually poke around nature’s belly button to uncover unheard of truths. It went a bit back and forth, last year about if and how and where money will be available to fill my bank account to new highs (record lies at about 25,97 EUR). But then, for Christmas, I got the best gift ever. A toaster. And also the news that some big fund giver is actually giving funds to a project.

And now I had two brief and good meetings to agree on the details and it looks like I will start learning about doctorage starting from March this year. That is, if the TU Berlin is able to give me my graduation stuff from when I graduated by graduating.

I am pretty excited now, typing cheerfully on my freshly updated little computer touchy thingy while listening to some guy munching an apple on the train. Munch munch sob munch scsscchhhhllllrlrrrrffffff goes the guy. I go like „fuck you, guy, you can’t annoy me, not today.“ Maybe I punch his face in later, but that is just one option.

I now have about one short month left until the serious business starts, with learning and working and such. Everybody tried to really make sure that I was serious about this and in the end I doubted my decision, but not much. I heard that even Australians are managing to do a PhD project, so how hard can it be? During February I have to use all the time for my favourite free time activities, that are gaming, spamming the interwebs, sleeping and eating. Quite a schedule.

Stay tuned folks for more tales of the brave PhD-Man who did what hardly anyone did before. A PhD!!

wooooooo! Confetti!

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