Re:cap of re:publica 2015

Three intensive days are over. From Tuesday till today I saw about 20 talks live, talked to different people and generally had my mind around things completely different from my regular plant stuff. 

Music Sunday

Songs that I think are not played as often or as loud as they should be.

LOL – Lots of Links #1

Last time I counted there were over 5 sites on the internet and every day about one new is emerging. Who will ever be able to keep track of them? Me, that’s who. Look at all the links I accumulated over the last days.

Song for the day: Fell in Love with a girl – The White Stripes.

This is what would be called in German a „Brett“. Straightforward guitar in the face, a crazy drummer girl doing the bumda bumdada da and less than 2 minutes in total. Bam.

And the video is awesome, too. The White Stripes wanted to publish a limited edition single that comes with a bag of LEGO to build your own meg and jack, but LEGO didn’t want to cooperate, claiming they target children and not adults. So the single came out without the LEGO, the video got hugely popular and LEGO was like „maybe now we can arrange a deal, sir white?“ and Jack White was like „Screw you!“. So no official White Stripes LEGO.

Another of the sad stories of music industry.

Watch for the day: The Furze-Colin.

What happens when you strap a jet engine to a bike frame? How can you eat cake faster? How to cut time when taking the christmas decorations off the tree?

Colin Furze knows how. He uses his engineering skills, his safety tie and a lot of craziness to solve these everyday problems, he films himself doing it and puts the bits on the internet. All while defying every single safety rule you ever heard of. Hearing protection? Nope. A helmet? Why, he has a safety tie. Playing with fire? Of course!

This guy is crazy and awesome.

Have a look at his jet engine bike, then look at the rest of his channel.

Bilbo Fuckfinger Baggins.

Sometimes it is one of these days.

via nerdcore.

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